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Design is a constantly evolving beast, so needless to say each year there are insights into where trends will develop.

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Thankfully you won’t find any drop shadows or bevelled text here.
They’ve been firmly left in the 90’s archive!

The guys at Bannersnack have put together a fantastic list of how they see design evolving in 2020. We have to agree, the thorough list hits the mark, especially with points 2, 3 and 15.

What do you think? Let us know, we’re always interested to learn your thoughts.

  1. Color Gradients
  2. Bold Typography
  3. Asymmetrical Layout
  4. Brand Identity System
  5. Textured 3D Design
  6. Fluid Shapes
  7. Tailor-made Illustrations
  8. Isometric Compositions
  9. Mixed Media
  10. Short Videos
  11. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  12. Modernized Retro
  13. Zero Gravity
  14. Data Visualization
  15. Generation Z Yellow
  16. Monochrome
  17. Celestial Exploration
  18. Muted Color Schemes
  19. Responsive Design
  20. Thin Lines
graphic design trends 2020

In the end, trends come and go, but they’re needed—they keep you on edge, experimenting and exploring new dimensions.
Let this upcoming year be your best year yet by challenging yourself to incorporate trends masterfully.

Here’s to a more creative 2020!

See the full list here at

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