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Marketing and business development is all about connections, and now more than ever is a great time to go digital.

In business, it has always been about who you know, where you go, who you meet, and how you relate to each other. However, in the current situation that we find ourselves in, we have the unique challenge of how to remain relevant to customers and other professional networks when we are unable to see each other in-person. Clear and open communication on a digital scale is even more crucial now. Here are four ways to sharpen your digital marketing and keep your brand message heard.

Attract more hits to your website

Your website plays a big role in keeping your audience engaged with your brand. If your physical location has been closed temporarily, you can continue to provide products and services through your website. Some businesses are offering exclusive online-only deals, whereas others are serving as an information hub offering advice.

Google Ads and SEO (search engine optimisation) is key to maxing the number of visits to your website. But once they are there, what next? Your website needs to make sure it drives visitors to what you want them to do, whether to purchase immediately or get in touch.

Get up close and social

Social media should be your business’s best friend right now. Posting is a quick and easy way to stay relevant and in front your audience. Ensure you post information about your industry or customer issues that your company solves; your posts should be more about your company’s personality and providing insight than being sales driven. 

Social media sites will allow you to access behind-the-scenes insights about your page and posts. Using this data, you can get a better idea of who your clients are and what interests them most about your brand, and then tweak your future messaging to match.

Getting your wording and messaging right for your audience is essential to building empathy and relationships. See our post about What’s the Message for insights how to do this and keep things relevant and positive.

Add movement to your messaging

Video is by far one of the best ways businesses can make a personal connections with their audiences. Consultants can provide virtual care and updates for your clients and convert scheduled face-to-face meetings to video conferencing calls. Your company can also provide explainer videos to your audience on issues that might be affecting them with your solutions, or talking about how their skills can help others.

There are many affordable options available to get virtual meetings underway. For webinars, virtual presentations and other digital events, you’ll need to consider how you will let people know how to register, so consider the marketing aspect nd the best way to invite them, again perhaps using video or animation.

Make it personal with email

Email marketing has always been a great and effective way to get your message in front of your audience. It is an essential tool to growing your business in this present digital time because it offers open, conversational, and interactive communications directly to people you have engagement with.

Relatively easy and quick to get started, and done well, it can also generate quite a bit of profit. In fact its known to be the most profitable avenue of digital marketing, over and above social. [source] 

As with all marketing, email should be seen as one prong to a whole campaign, sent out as outlined in your overall marketing plan. Ultimately the more marketing prongs you have, the better!

How will upping your digital communications help you?

Adopting a digital approach is not about buying new technology, plugging it into your existing mode of work and crossing fingers it will make your business efficient or more money. It’s about using available technology smartly to discover new ways of working, of interacting with your customers in innovative ways and pioneering new products and services to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

It can seem daunting, but the good news is we can help you with your all your digital communications. Ping us an email for more info. We’ll even throw in a digital coffee!

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