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Marketing campaigns can make or break a business. It’s very important to find the right audience for your business and create the message which they can relate to. There can be misconceptions that this has to be an expensive endeavour, but this isn’t necessarily true – a well-crafted campaign doesn’t have to be all that costly, as long as it is carefully planned and executed.

Always bear in mind that the message you promote is more important than the channel you use. That way you can save on distribution as long as you focus on the quality of the content.

1. Always promote

This may seem like obvious advice, but entrepreneurs and business owners often neglect this or feel like they don’t want to be too pushy. However, if you want to make your brand recognisable, it’s vital that your message does not only reach a wide audience but also makes a powerful impact on them.

Consider all the not-so-obvious options available to you. For example you could add information about your business to the end of every email, including within your signatures, especially those related to customer support.

2. Use your contacts

Using the services of influencers in your industry is one of the easiest ways to promote your company. This could sometimes be done simply by letting them write a blog post on your platform, mentioning your business during an event or directly promoting your product on their platform.

Influencers don’t necessarily have to be expensive or even well-known. Their reach in the industry could be limited only to the professionals in the field, but it’s still of great importance to be on the radar of someone whose opinions matter. As your own reach grows this could even be an avenue for you to explore too!

3. Promotional products

Promotional products often get overlooked as a means of marketing, although they are one of the most effective traditional promotional efforts. These products are easy to source and customise making them quite effective in an ever-growing digital world; get it right and people will certainly notice and potentially become your brand ambassadors.

Try to make the products as fresh as possible while keeping them functional at the same time. For instance, stress-relief balls, pens and mugs are always great additions to any office worker and you can easily print your logo or any marketing messaging on them as well. Send them to your clients as a part of a larger care package and soon they will be everywhere, as well as your brand name.

4. Use email

Email is one of the least expensive marketing channels and will most likely be much more effective than you might initially think. In fact of all marketing routes, email consistently provides the highest levels of engagement, sales and profit.

Amongst other things, email is especially well-suited for re-marketing campaigns. These are campaigns made for those clients who have visited your site or business but didn’t take an action or make a purchase. You can provide your customer with a discount or other tempting reason to return and complete their journey.

5. Teach

Another effective, yet affordable, marketing move is to teach the people in your industry or those looking to join it. It is a great way to get your name out there without spending too much money. These types of events are predominantly held digitally (think webinars) and only require a venue and your time, but generally there are no other costs to worry about.

It’s important for these lectures to be well-planned and delivered by the top-notch experts from your team. It isn’t enough to just show up, you really need to provide value to those who took the time to watch. As an added extra you could offer a promotion at the end of the presentation for them to use or even to pass on.

Promoting a business doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank – you just need to model your campaign to your customer’s profile and be consistent. Feel like you may need a helping hand? Contact us today on to find out how we can help you.

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