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Each year, Pantone selects a new colour that it champions as its Colour of Year; a colour that forms the basis of all things design-driven for the coming year.

For 2021, they have selected a duo of complimentary colours, namely Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. You can see their announcement here.

previous years

Pantone has selected some great hero colours over the years, from Emerald Green from 2013 through to 2019’s Living Coral and last year’s Classic Blue, each bringing with them an injection of pride associated with each hue.

dynamic, organic branding

Picking up on two of our core values, namely Creativity and Dynamism, 418’s core colour branding is dynamic and organic, changing and evolving each year in line with Pantone’s Colour of the Year.

Over a base set of muted Primary colours (Nearly Back and Off-White), each year we use the Colour of the Year to inject complimentary highlights. This always ensures the 418 brand is at the forefront of creative trends as they happen.


Pantone’s announcements are always taken up by all nooks of the creative industries, and no doubt as 2021 progresses, we’ll see injections of yellow matched with greys being used as far and wide as on screen, in interiors, with vehicles and throughout fashion.

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