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When was the last time you checked in on the wellbeing of your marketing strategy?

Sadly, there have been missed opportunities for marketers to join the conversation and ensure that external messaging is meeting your customers’ expectations.

We all know marketing directly affects consumer behaviour, but injecting some wellbeing into your marketing could also boost your audiences!

Boost your all round marketing representation

One of the most critical areas marketers need to focus on is representation, both on your teams and marketing. CMOs need to focus on building a more diverse marketing team and elevating diverse voices and perspectives in campaigns.

Representation in your marketing is key, especially when you consider that 64% of customers were found to have taken some kind of action after seeing a campaign they considered diverse or inclusive. This also needs to be reflective in your team and the opportunities you pass on to them.

Without authentic representation, companies risk losing their customers, employees, or both.

Add a new wellbeing twist to your marketing

For many years marketing has tended to be aspirational, showing customers what they could be. In todays market empowering your consumer for who they are now, could be a more forward and successful strategy.

Affirming your customer and embracing authenticity helps you connect better with your consumers, as well as building brand resonance and trust. It’s important that you consider your consumer’s pain points and their needs, but in the context of who and where they are in today’s world. Focus less on showing your customer what their desires are and more on affirming your consumers beliefs.

Get the feedback and act on the data

More than half of CMOs agree that compassionate, empathetic marketing campaigns resonate more with consumers than campaigns that focus on highlighting features of a product or service. The trick is how to do this.

One way is to listen to your customers feedback. Personal values need to resonate in the way you are delivering your marketing messages. Your customers opinions will be reflected in your data and feedback programme and if you don’t have a system for collecting your customers feedback, then now is more important than ever to have one.

You can get feedback from your teams too, a third of CEOs say they routinely seek employee feedback around what is and isn’t working and act on that feedback. It’s important to remember your employees are consumers too.

A happy team is a productive team!

Employee wellbeing can boost everything from productivity to creativity to employee engagement. Chief Experience Officers agree that employee engagement is integral to employee happiness and wellbeing.

It’s now a chief priority with savvy HR departments in todays shrinking employment market, to introduce new initiatives to reduce employee stress and anxiety. These can come in the form of not only benefit packages, (healthcare, flexi-time, etc.), but supporting their wellbeing, mental health and home life.

So how well is your wellbeing? And what positive changes could you make?
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