promoting sustainability and climate recognition


Dell Technologies is a powerhouse of seven technology leaders and as such, is a global market leader in business sustainability and climate-friendly operations.

They recently partnered with AeroFarms, who are on a mission to transform agriculture by building environmentally responsible farms, and wanted to promote this partnership with maximum exposure at a recent technology event, Wired.

A modular event panel system would be required that could be dismantled and used at multiple events, avoiding as much waste as possible, yet remain eye-catching.


Technology event attendees


Numerous locations, UK




Modular, Reusable Event Panels to Promote Dell Technologies and AeroFarms Partenrship


Modular event panel system
Artificial plant mats
Laser cut, acrylic base logos
Install & take down


After creative discussion with the 418 team, it was decided that a plant based backdrop would provide the eye-catching exposure that was required to promote the new partnership.

It was apparent at an early stage that a main priority was to make the event system as modular as possible, so it could be used in large and small areas. With this in mind, three panels measuring 1m wide x 2m high with a heavy steel wedge bases were supplied, to be used either individually or as a single unit. Each panel is covered on one side with realistic looking artificial plant mats. Offset clear acrylic panels with laser cut logos can be affixed to the panels as required to show participating and co-sponsoring companies of each event. Protective sleeves were designed to slip over each event panel for transportation and protection in storage. To add a level of enhancement and light ambience, free standing light bars were placed at the rear to bounce light off back walls.


Dell Technologies were really happy with the event system produced and it always gets great reactions everywhere it goes. The system already has half a dozen events under its belt and is set to go to a few more in the coming months.

418 have been asked to explore other event system opportunities for Dell Technologies’ future technology partnerships.

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