giving Dell Technologies visual impact at iconic event


We were approached to create an unusual, eye-catching stand within a limited 2m square footprint. A pre-requisite was that we had to use sustainable and/or recycled materials in its construction.

Eliminating the need for printed handouts and other materials, a digital way of directing attendees to view Dell Technologies future environmental commitments was required.


World leaders and environmental influencers


COP26, Glasgow, Scotland




The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.


Event stand design & production
Using only sustainable materials
Modular for easy assemble and re-use
QR code linking to landing page with assets
Social media awareness campaign


As the stand was positioned in a prominent position as attendees entered the hall, we wanted to keep the stand light and airy. After design exploration, we decided to adopt a radical and eye-catching construction of abstract trees, foliage and signage, designed to be modular and easy to erect, breakdown and then transport to other locations for re-use. The materials were all sustainably sourced wood and eco-friendly inks and paints.

The stand also incorporated a laptop shelf and a sign with QR code. Attendees could scan the code with their phones to take them to a landing page where they could view more information about Dell Technologies’ commitment to future recycling, environment responsibilities, all aligned with the COP26 agenda. The project was also backed up by a social media awareness campaign across all the major platforms.


This project took advantage of all of our skill sets—live event support, digital solutions and social marketing—and was a joy to have worked on.

The clients were blown away when they first saw the stand and similarly received fantastic feedback throughout the event, with it standing out against surrounding exhibits and being a magnet for attendees, resulting in exceptional engagement throughout the event.

Additional feedback showed that attendees found the QR code and landing page quick, clean and easy to access, a priority when attendees will be accessing via their phones.

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