guaranteeing c-level engagement at an event


Silver Peak approached us to generate a direct creative solution to reach out to a select list of thirty C-level executives. Similar events they had run had resulted in good responses, but drop offs in people turning up on the day, something they were keen to avoid happening for future events.

The solution needed to be engaging and memorable, on theme with the fantastic venue and get maximum uptake and attendance.


C-level Executives


Mercedes-Benz World, Brookwood, UK




One Day Discovery Seminar ‘Go Beyond the ‘Software Defined’ and Move to a ‘Self-Driving Network’


Email marketing & management
Event microsite
Attendee registration & management
Attendee remote control car incentive
Time trial course


Initial awareness
Initial email invitations were sent out to segmented email database. The initial email drove users through to an event microsite where they learnt more about the seminar and the day, leading through to a registration page. Once successfully registered, a triggered confirmation email was sent to them containing details for the day. Analytics at every stage were captured, monitored and collated for Silver Peak through the 418central platform.

Event engagement
On the day, attendees were treated to a high speed lap around the Mercedes-Benz World test track. Whilst each participant was on their experience, the remaining attendees would be networking and waiting for their turn. To fill this potentially ‘dead time’, we decided that engagement could be created by running a time trial race with remote control cars around a set of cones. A ‘Top Gear’ style leaderboard would record the lap times of the time trials, with the fastest time of the day receiving a trophy.

With this all in mind, a Mercedes-Benz remote control car was sent to each registered attendee with instructions to bring it with them on the day of the event, where they would receive the remote control to run their car. Each car was Silver Peak branded and sent in its own event branded box.


Silver Peak were extremely delighted with the response and execution of the marketing around the event. Everything was well received from the initial invitation to last lap of the time trials. There was 100% attendance with no drop offs and Silver Peak are now speaking to every one of the attendees about moving them to ‘Self-Driving Networks’.

Due to the huge success, Silver Peak are now running these themed events on a regular basis with 418, with further themes being considered and designed for other Silver Peak product promotions, seminars and events.

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