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As part of a company’s growth, a common dilemma that many will come across is how to manage its marketing plan. This could be the entire marketing strategy or perhaps just certain areas of it. The obvious solution would be to appoint a person or team in-house to do it all and save costs, but unless you have the right person to expedite your plan, this could result in a flawed execution. The alternative is to use an external marketing agency, who can either manage everything for you or step in with the right expertise where necessary. These are both important factors to consider to make the most of your return on investment, establishing what areas are best to keep in-house and what areas to get an outside marketing company involved.

5 key benefits of using outside help!

  1. The thing you can’t get back…Time! There are huge benefits to choosing external marketing experts to help support your strategies, one of the biggest being time. Time is something an external agency can give you by wholly concentrating on your marketing plan objectives. They can keep to timelines and deadlines, delivering on time and on budget.
  1. Always in the know. Another reason that many businesses of all sizes choose to use a specialised outside marketing agency, is because of their ability to always be aware of current market trends surrounding your product or service.
  1. Access to key skills. There is only so much you can do in-house and accessing the vast gamut of skills an outside marketing agency can provide will be invaluable and bring a new dimension to your marketing plan.
  1. Effective use of your budget. Your appointed marketing agency will know how to get the most from your budget, keeping you in control and them accountable for every penny spent.
  1. Peace of mind. You know that when you appoint an expert marketing agency to look after all or part of your marketing campaigns, it will be executed on time and on budget, making it hassle free.

In-house + Outside

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to outsource all of your marketing activities, as you may have people within your business who have the skills to manage them. They may need a little assistance from time to time however, and this is where you can use an outside marketing agency on a consultancy basis.

At 418 we work with all types of marketing people, using our expertise for as much or as little as they need. Flexibility is in our nature.

Of course, every business is different and each will have their own unique marketing requirements, therefore each business should have its own individual plan and service.

Get in touch with us at to see how we have helped other companies with their marketing and more importantly, how we can help you.

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