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Video posts on social media are now an unstoppable and powerful business asset for increasing new followers, growing your brand and driving engagement.

Which ever one of the many social platform you use, they have all embraced the video revolution and have gone a long way to make it easy for you to get them on your profile.

Consumers are starting to get an appetite for all things video, they engage, inspire and make your message or product look a whole lot more inviting.

Here are some great reasons on why you need to consider adopting video in your social posts:

More Exposure & More Engagement!

Video performs better than static images with most social media algorithms, all based on the fact that video captures and retains the viewers attention immediately and for longer.

This is also backed up by the predominately visual Instagram, which confirms that video gets more engagement and more exposure due to their algorithm parameters.

Get creative with making videos, or get help if you are not sure. There are plenty of video gurus out there like us who can share our expertise.

Video has a longer shelf life

Not only does video content get more engagement than others, it typically sticks around for longer even months after its first published.

All due video content encouraging more interactions and shares, which means it stays in the social media system longer.

It Appeals to a a wide audience

Most people of all generations today are using social media on a regular basis, some catch on a little later to new fads and gizmos, but generally once the word is out there everyone wants a piece of the action. Video is no exception, in fact in some cases it breaks the rules. Some industry experts are even predicting that video is the first taster steps of social media type TV channels.

Even more reason to embrace video to beat the competition and gain more customers.

One size fits all

All social media platforms are clambering for your custom and cash, that’s why most of the main ones all use the same 16:9 format so you don’t have to invest in costly size variants to get them out there. They all have the same parameters as far as Mb file sizes, audio and other relevant data. Keeping editing costs low.

Get personal with video

Video is a more personal way of conveying your message and products, you can inject your personality, your brand values and humanise the whole experience. The experience will reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction and engage with them on a personal level, so much so you won’t need to sell to them…they will come buy!

Video is an investment in your Brand and Customer

The purchasing power of video is so strong we are now seeing platforms emerge that are solely focused on shoppable video. Google’s Shoploop helps consumers discover products in an entertaining, informational, and snackable video format. It’s the dynamic way products and services delivered to the viewer which is key, unlike the static single photo which struggles against video.

It’s a little known fact that Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform. In fact, 93% of marketers said they landed a new customer thanks to placing a video on social media.

So what you waiting for?

Video is already taking centre stage, so it’s important not to get left behind.

The good news is, your video content strategy doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive — often the simplest, most authentic concepts can work best.

If you are still undecided and worried about how to get going, then we are here to hold your hand. Be great to hear from you and what you have in mind.

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