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Today’s consumers use digital media in different ways. Some surf the net to read articles close to their interests and work, whilst others are gamers. The reasons are endless. However, there are relations and intersections in these usages. Historically, most people search for information on products and services via search engines, but more recently there has been a growing momentum towards using social media platforms as the go-to places to find information.

If you are good at being visible on at least some social media channels, then there is a good chance you get to bump into a lot of internet users. They could be customers, prospects, or just dropping past. Once you know which area each fall into, this is the time to really qualify these leads and to know who will most likely be converted into buyers and later to brand evangelists. This is the usual way the crunching of the data works.

However, when you limit your interactions with your customers to a single channel, you lose a lot of precious information. For example, you wouldn’t know what they are doing on your other channels. They may give you a glowing post on FaceBook, but may have Tweeted a bad review some time later. Even if you use and manage multiple channels separately, you can lose the continuity of information that you are receiving. Today’s  experts are suggesting that instead of single-channel or multi-channel marketing, you should start moving towards what’s called omnichannel marketing.

The idea of omnichannel marketing is that it allows you to keep track of all customer interactions across all channels without losing the context of your messaging. It gives you a chance to make sense of all interactions forming a continuous and coherent story. It also helps customers maintain a strong sense of your brand identity across different digital channels.

It may sound time-consuming to continuously monitor all your channels, but today’s top help desk software solutions can consolidate all your channels’ activities into one dashboard making your life easy.

As for the customers, they get to contact you on whichever channel that is convenient for them, whenever they want and without the need for repetition. Having a good CRM platform is also a great way to introduce omnichannel marketing into your business. It’ll help you jump from one channel to the other seamlessly without losing consistency and context.

Engaging with your customers through a variety of channels isn’t really new, and omnichannel marketing in some respects is a descendant of integrated marketing campaigns. It will however sharpen your messaging and make your marketing campaigns sing in harmony with each other.

Are your social media accounts aligned and managed in a consistent way? Do you only use one social media channel for your business?
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