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Attracting targeted followers on social media is a fun and effective way to drive traffic to your website, blog, products, and services. However, if you don’t have a strategy specific to getting more targeted followers, it can be a lot harder than it appears.

Get clear on your social goals

If you want more targeted followers on social media, it’s important to understand that you need to create a specific goal. For example, you could state to yourself that you want to attract 100 more followers by the end of the month, which you can then break down to weekly and daily goals and actions.

Be transparent, honest and real with your followers

We all like to associate with honest people and companies, not closed off and dishonest corporations. So to be likeable, you simply need to be transparent, honest and true to your values and principles, and to make sure you always stay on message.

Keep your social profiles up to date

Nothing is worse than an outdated profile with an old picture, a lack of updated information, and no links to get more information. Make your profile look very inviting and ensure it is focused toward your ideal audience rather than on you or your company.

Follow relevant people and companies

When you first begin, you need to start following other people and companies. But don’t just follow everyone. Follow very specific people who are members of your audience, people your audience likes, and topic and niche-specific sites and businesses. Understanding your target audience, where they go, and what their interests are is vital.

Engage regularly and purposefully with your followers

Don’t make your social platforms a one way street. Social media is really a way to have two-way conversations with your perfect customers. With social media you’re literally in the palm of your audience’s hand, so use this advantage by engaging promptly, regularly and purposefully every single day.

Post frequently and relevantly

When you post often, it ensures your audience will see what you have to say. The way social media works means that you can even post the same thing more than once to attract even more viewers. Each social platform has its own personality and algorithms that are constantly evolving, but generally posting anything you want as long as it is relevant is a great strategy.

Use social hashtags appropriately

Hashtags are essentially just keywords, but they can be used in new and interesting ways. They’re a good way to organise and categorise the information you post. However, don’t keep using the same hashtags repeatedly post after post, because that probably won’t work after a while. Mix them up and add new ones often. Some scheduling software and online resources can help with fresh and trending suggestions.

Use your followers to create a buzz

Your best source of followers is your followers’ friends and family. People tend to hang around with those who are like themselves, so when you incentivise your followers to share, engage, and provide testimony, you will get many more targeted followers.

Work with social influencers

One way to set your channels on fire quickly is to find popular influencers to work with. You can also work with less influential influencers, but more of them, if they all have an audience like yours. Host a contest or a sale and have the influencers roll out the information over a strategised campaign timeline, perhaps with a discount or promotional code specific to the influencer.

Use a mix of content types

It’s critical that you don’t bore your followers. Share all sorts of content types with them. Be fun, engaging, honest, and straightforward. Show them your personality, what you care about, and your values. Use beautiful and intriguing headlines, and eye-catching images to get your word out there with purpose.

Go live!

Don’t forget that many platforms today allow you to ‘go live’ and use your video to talk directly to your followers. You can plan and promote an event at a specific time when you go live with exciting information to your followers. Ask them to share the live event. You could even host a membership drive to get more followers.

If you want to get more targeted followers on any platform, make sure your profile is complete, your updates are relevant and frequent, and involve your current audience so that you can reach more people to spread your message far and wide.

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