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Storytelling should be a priority for all marketers in 2023

Storytelling enables marketers to develop strong and personal engagement with their audience. Telling a story is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections. Harking back to the earliest days of man, storytelling has always been a concise method to communicate, educate and share information. 

Stories are a great way to express emotion and feelings, which can present your brand in a more human and caring way. Advertisers have been using stories to great effect, you only have to think about the John Lewis Partnership Christmas adverts. These have meaningful story lines that people remember and resonate with over the festive period and they don’t even have a hint of selling about them!

Storytelling is a powerful method for learning. As marketers, we should always be seeking to learn more about the world we live in, the brands that we represent and the consumers that we serve. One of the things that is unique about stories is that they transmit knowledge and meaning in an easy to digest and entertaining form. We learn from our observations in life and by sharing those experiences through stories. Storytelling in business is a powerful tool that enables marketers to convey what is going on in the marketplace and what that means ultimately for the customer.

In addition to being an important strategic tool, storytelling can be a great tactical tool that lets marketers engage consumers in a fragmented media world. Consumers are ever hungry for engaging content and the way it is delivered up to them, you need to earn their precious time and creating exciting stories is just the way to do it. 

Storytelling isn’t just a creative approach to marketing, it gives your consumers a totally different experience in the way they see your brand.

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