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As 2022 fast becomes bound to the history books, we look forward into the digital marketing trends we think will expand and grow throughout 2023. None of these are new, but areas in which we feel will explode throughout the coming 12 months.

Personalised marketing: Personalisation will be more important than ever in marketing efforts as businesses compete for customers’ attention. Engaging with your customers on a personal level is even more important and by the end of 2023, expected.

Improved user experience: The design and user experience of your website or app has always been important, but in 2023 will become crucial in keeping customers on your site and engaged. It will also help towards turning customers into fans who return on a regular basis and help spread the word.

Social responsibility: 66% of consumers and 80% of young adults are willing to pay more for goods from brands that demonstrate social commitment and awareness, according to a recent survey. Customers are more savvy about the environment and waste, and this plays an important part of their purchasing and shopping habits. Throughout 2023, it will become even more important to keep up-to-date with social and environmental trends for the products and service you are selling.

Content will continue to be King: User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most important aspects of today’s digital world. Good and relevant content is critical when developing your brand and building the story around your business. Regular and concise with an engaging tone is what customers are after.

Next-level chatbots: Chatbots will become even more sophisticated and realistic throughout 2023, making them even more useful for businesses.

Live streaming comes of age: In 2023, live streaming will become even more popular as more businesses use it to reach their target audiences. Customers are sophisticated and know exactly what they want to see, so whether its live or pre-recorded video, the production needs to be slick, well rehearsed and appealing.

Influencer relationships grow further: Companies that collaborate with influencers generally see great returns on their investment through increased brand awareness and sales. But do your homework before engaging with an influencer; there are lots out there all saying they are the best at what they do. A little due diligence could well pay big dividends.

Outsourced digital marketing: For small businesses and start-ups that often lack expertise in this area, outsourcing is the make-or-break opportunity to gain traction over their competitors or else fade into obscurity. Demand for outsourcing will continue to grow in 2023, with SMEs especially requiring dedicated and flexible solutions to an ever demanding customer base.

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